homework2Think you know something about oncology massage?  Want to make good referrals or simply make a good choice for yourself as a consumer? Download this worksheet from the Society for Oncology Massage and share it widely.

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We have long been told that massage could spread cancer in a person who already has it. Science a healthy dose of common sense have largely convinced us that this is untrue.  Now we say, “Everybody with cancer should get massage!”  The problem with this is that we have leaped right through our fear over the need for specialized training on the part of the person providing the massage.

This worksheet will walk you through some questions that a prospective oncology massage client would be wise to ask his/her therapist before agreeing to work together during or after cancer treatment. Oncology massage is for anyone who has ever been or is currently being treated for cancer.  If you had a mastectomy 25 years ago and have been “cancer-free” ever since?…oncology massage is probably safest for you.  If you had radiation last summer to treat prostate cancer and you’re feeling great now?…you may benefit from an oncology massage. If you’re going in next Tuesday for the third of 6 rounds of chemotherapy?…you likely would benefit from an oncology massage.  If your child has cancer?…a session with an oncology massage therapist just may hit the spot.

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