$85 per hour, 90 minutes/$115

I began my practice working with marathon runners and other athletes.  Despite my apparent focus on clients living with serious health challenges, I continue to round out my practice with “weekend warrior” runners, rowers, climbers and good old desk-working humans whose neck and shoulders…and everything else can use some deep tissue or Swedish massage.  Every body can benefit from massage therapy.  

I have been working with tense and overworked muscles since the early days of my practice and, as an athlete myself, I can appreciate the specific needs of people with busy, sporty lifestyles who need to keep moving and feeling great.  I provide deep tissue the way it was intended.  I work deep into the muscle, but I listen to muscles and work with them rather than against them.  Muscles (and massage, for that matter!) don’t have to hurt.  A good massage is a massage that leaves you feeling better, not one that leaves you sore for two more days after.  I typically provide a hybrid of Swedish massage (characterized by longer, more fluid and generally more superficial strokes) and deep tissue to create a complete session.



Come and see how happy your muscles can be after some authentic deep tissue mingled with some soothing Swedish.

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