$60 per session (usually 45-60 minutes in length)

Reiki is a modality that simply supports the body so that it may tap into its own powers of healing and balance.


I tend to practice Reiki “on the body” meaning that my hands rest lightly on the client’s body in various positions depending on the goal of the session. It is possible to practice Reiki with the hands simply “hovering” over these same positions on the body.  Translated directly from Japanese, Reiki means “universal life force energy”.  Simply put, Reiki is the love and energy we all possess.  When we are ill or injured (emotionally or physically) that energy can become depleted.  When I employ Reiki in working with a client I am simply bringing my own energy to meet theirs.  I am not giving them energy and they are not giving me energy.  I am bringing attention and love to the area or areas that require it with the intention of providing healing on whatever level will serve that client’s highest good.  Simply put, Reiki is love.  Maybe the Beatles didn’t have it quite right…you can buy it right here. (ahem)

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