Massage therapy can be adapted for the specific needs of geriatric clients. I take special care to consider issues like bone fragility, positioning, skin integrity, medications and any other points of concern that you or your doctors may have.

elderly massage


It is often believed that people in their senior years are “too fragile” or “too weak” to receive massage. Nothing could be further from the truth. When massage is properly adapted it can be very beneficial for seniors. In addition to the many physical and mental benefits, regular massage can also meet a need that is often overlooked in this ever-growing population…companionship. As a massage therapist, I am able to spend a full hour (or more) with you or your loved one providing focused, compassionate care and companionship.



Some possible benefits of massage for seniors are:

  • Increased vitality & alertness
  • Increased mobility/decreased fall risk
  • Enhanced/more restful sleep
  • Decreased pain in joints and muscles
  • Reduced risk of blood clots
  • Improved mood/outlook
  • Relief from dry/itchy skin
  • A feeling of being more connected to the world and body

*I am happy to visit nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities or any other location that is most convenient to ensure that you or your loved one are receiving the best care possible. I am also experienced in working with a variety of conditions like Crohn’s Disease, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and spinal cord injuries.

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