End of Life Companioning and Touch

As a Metta Institute End of Life Care Practitioner, the service I offer to people who are dying or terminally ill varies. I am not a grief counselor. I am a massage therapy practitioner who specializes in working with people who are living with and yes, dying from, cancer… and other illnesses and conditions.

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Essentially, I am someone who is able and willing to simply be present at this very important and often difficult time in a person’s life. At times, I provide gentle touch or specific techniques to ease pain or anxiety. Sometimes I just listen or talk with a person during any number of visits as the end of his/her life approaches.

The frequency and duration of visits can vary and the way our time is spent during each visit may vary as well. I am happy to read to clients at the end of life, to listen to music or sing with them, to enjoy their pets and/or family and friends with them, to conduct “life review” through photos, journaling or conversation or to simply “be” with a person during his/her final days.

I have worked with people through all stages of death and dying including their final hours. I have met many people at this final stage and am honored each time I am allowed the privilege to travel even a small portion of a person’s path with him/her. No prior relationship is required.

Please feel free to call for yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member to discuss how I might be of service at the end of life.